The Association of Foreign Banks in Switzerland AFBS

Key Tasks

  • Representation of interests
  • Information
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Currently the Association has 115 members: 94 banks - mostly subsidiaries or branches of a foreign bank, but also some banks whose principal shareholder are foreign private persons, holding companies or non-bank institutes located abroad. Furthermore, 9 non-bank financial service providers and 12 observers are affiliated.

AFBS and the Swiss Financial Sector

AFBS is the largest banking association in Switzerland, except the Swiss Bankers' Association (SBA), of which (nearly) all banks (including most foreign banks) domiciled in Switzerland are a member. AFBS is represented in the Board of the Swiss Bankers' Association and in all important SBA steering groups and commissions. AFBS is also represented in the Board of esisuisse (the Swiss Deposit Insurance), the Employers' Association of the Banking Sector and the Swiss Association of Funds and Asset Managers. As many foreign banks are shareholder of the SIX Group, AFBS is represented in the SIX Group's Board.