Fully Digital Client Onboarding

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Fully Digital Client Onboarding

GFT applies proven agile methodologies to offer a fully digital Client Onboarding solution that covers a full range of identification requirements for onboarding of customers from different countries. The process can be seamlessly integrated into the existing workflows to comply with specific know-your-customer (KYC) requirements. This offers the possibility of fully digital onboarding process without the need to switch media.

With the modular digital onboarding platform and its automated identity verification module (supporting a wide range of passports, driving licences and other documents from 193 countries) the physical presence of the client is no longer required. It shortens the onboarding process, makes it as smooth as possible.

Further information is available in the attached document: DE EN FR

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Peter Arnet
Senior Account Manager GFT Switzerland
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Phone: +41 44 878 16 88


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