AFBSurvey: Negative Interest Rates

A growing number of banks have approached the Secretariat with question relating to the banks' policy with regards to negative interest rates and replication to the client assets. To answer once and for all, we are submitting the present questionnaire and kindly invite you to complete the form. Be assured that we will treat your responses with utmost confidentiality. *

Please complete the survey until 18 August 2020. Thank you for participating.

1. Does your institute apply negative interest rates to the clients' cash holdings? *


2.1. Since what date does the bank apply negative interest rates? (please insert the date)

2.2. Does the bank offer a base amount of client assets exempt from negative interest rates?

Please indicate threshold amount:

2.3. To what client category does the bank apply negative interest rates?


2.4. Does the bank offer exceptions to its policy to certain clients?

2.5. If yes, based on what criteria are exemptions offered?

Please specify here:

3.1. The market situation staying unchanged, does the bank intend to introduce negative interest rates before 31.12.2020?


3.2. If the bank intends to introduce negative interest rates before 31.12.2020, to what currencies?

Others, please specify here:

Please add any comments here