Client Meetings / Travel Activities

Most employees, not only of the financial industry, have been working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. Now banks are split over when staff should return to work and when relationship managers can resume face-to-face contact with investors and clients.

The AFBS would like to know more about how its member institutes are approaching the “new normal” and how they plan to handle in-person meetings and business trips in the near future.

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1. Is your institute allowing physical on-site meetings again in Switzerland?

If yes, since when?

2. What kind of restrictions and/or safeguard measures has your institute implemented to conduct physical meetings?


3. How do you assess the demand of the clients to meet again in person?


4. Is your institute using Video Conferencing tools to meet/connect with clients and stakeholders?

5. If yes, what tool(s) are used (multiple answers possible):


6. How would you rate the client's acceptance of Video Conferencing tools:


7. How would you rate your experience with Video Conferencing tools:


8. What pros and cons relating to the use of Video Conferencing Tools have you experienced (i.e. challenges, risks and concerns, opportunities and simplifications, etc.)

9. Does your institute expect that virtual client meetings with Video Conferencing tools will be upheld in the long term (beyond security measures due to the pandemic)?


10. Does your institute expect that meetings with clients domiciled abroad will be conducted again?

If no, are such meetings expected to be re-allowed in near future? When?

11. What restrictions has your institute imposed for persons returning from business trips from a risk country?

Others (please indicate)

12. Do you think that the pandemic has changed the relationship with your clients?


13. What are your/your institute's most important lessons learnt from the past 6 months (related to client meetings and/or travel activities)?