Guidelines Work from Home

You participated in the AFBS project of drafting a model text for guidelines governing work from home. We thank you for your contribution.

We invite you to participate in this survey. We would like to know how satisfied you are with the project work and the outcome. This will take less than two minutes.

Please be aware that your response will only be used for internal purposes and to improve our future work. No answers will be published or distributed among other participants. Thank you in advance for your appreciated feedback and time.

1. Does the final outcome Guideline Work from Home meet your expectations?

If no, why not:

2. Do you think the Guidelines cover the most important topics in the realm of home work?

If no, what is missing:

3. Is it foreseen that your institute will adopt the guidelines (or any parts thereof)?

If no, why not:

4. Do you think the included recommendations and best practice clauses are helpful to implement an individual policy?

If no, why not:

5. Do you think the costs of approx. CHF 500 per participating institute is appropriate?

If no, why not:

If you wish to make any specific comments or give us further feedback, please enter it below: