SAQ: System for Recognition of Qualifications

The independent Swiss Association for Quality (SAQ) is the Swiss national body for implementation of ISO standards. It manages the "Client Adviser Bank" certification system, which assesses advisers' competence in expertise and rules of conduct. According to SAQ, more than 70 banks from all banking groups participate in the personal certification system. Also, advisors of external asset managers are admitted to the system.

We invite you to participate in our survey to know more about your experience, your interest and your expectations in the realm of SAQ.

To fill this survey shoud take less than 5 minutes. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Florian Specht ( from the AFBS Secretariat.

Does your institute have experience with SAQ certification / the system for recognition of qualifications?

Which categories of SAQ certification are of particular interest for your institute?

Does your institute offer training and certification to the staff?

Which categories of SAQ certification have your employees obtained?

Do your employees take SAQ certification upon their own initiative?


Who bears cost for training?


Who bears cost for certification?


Please share your opinion and experience with regards to training, certification, re-certification activities.

To prepare for certifications/re-certifications, do your employees take previous training?


Which training and certification institutions do you work with?

How satisfied were you with the services and quality offered by these institutions?



Please share your opinion and experience with regards to the SAQ certification programme.

Positive aspects:

Negative aspects:

Things to improve:

Would recognition of the SAQ certificate in foreign countries be a benefit?


If yes, which countries would be of interest?

Comments or feedback on SAQ: